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Versatility that Works

There is a lot of highly specialized equipment on the market that only does one task. Ventrac is designed to work year round as an all seasons machine of versatility, eliminating the costly need to purchase multiple dedicated machines. Engineered to do more jobs, Ventrac is the epitome of Versatility That Works, offering a full array of attachments that produce professional results. One tractor with various attachments is ideal for cities, parks, sports fields, and municipal grounds management, where jobs like mowing, snow removal, aerating, sidewalk edging, stump grinding, etc., are tackled with ease.

Recommended Attachments

Tough Cut Brush Mower hq682


Mower Type Rough
Width of Cut 68"
Cutting Height 3.5" - 7"
Weight 475 lbs


  • Rear Adjustment for Deck Pitch
  • Heavy-Duty Blades
  • Tilt-Up Deck
  • Ventrac Mount System
  • Front Caster Wheels
  • Optional Hydraulic Flip-Up Kit

Aera-vator ea600


Working Width 60"
Aeration Density 8 holes/ft2
Vibrating Depth 2.75"
Weight 420 lbs


  • Fractures Soil Without Plugs
  • Heavy-Duty Vibrating Tines
  • Optional Over-Seeder Available
  • Creates 8 holes/square-foot
  • Weight Mounting Bar

msmu Series


Mower Type Side Discharge
Alignment OFFSET
Width of Cut 72"
Cutting Height 1" - 5"
Weight 550 lbs
Mower Type Side Discharge
Width of Cut 60"
Cutting Height 1" - 5"
Weight 490 lbs
Mower Type Rear Discharge
Width of Cut 72"
Cutting Height 1" - 5"
Weight 540 lbs


  • Easy Flip-Up Deck
  • Large Discharge Chute
  • Easy Lever Height Adjustment
  • Full-Floating Deck
  • Rear Striping Roller Standard
  • Optional Mulching Kit

Tiller kl480


Working Width 48"
Max Till Depth 6"
Weight 365 lbs


  • Intermediate Gear Reduction for Quiet Running
  • Sealed Lubricated Final Drive
  • Leveler Shield
  • Skid Shoe Adjustments
  • 24 High-Performance Carbon Tines

Power Buckets HE


Working Width 48"
Capacity 6 cubic feet
Grapple Optional
Bucket Extensions Optional
Cutting Teeth Optional
Weight 190 lbs
Tractor Compatibility 4500 & 3400
Working Width 30"
Capacity 3.6 cubic feet
Grapple N/A
Bucket Extensions N/A
Cutting Teeth Optional
Weight 145 lbs


  • Three Replaceable Knives for Cutting Edge Lines & Leveling Material
  • Replaceable Scarifier Spring Tines
  • Dual Adjustable Leveling Bars
  • Half-Inch Spikes for Breaking Up Hard Ground
  • Steel Roller for Compacting Material
  • Optional Brush Kit for Field Finishing
  • Optional Drag Mats for Final Finish Work

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